2014 Bike the Drive Dream Team had a Great Ride!

The sun was barely up at5:15 a.m. when Center for Independent Futures’ Dream Team Riders gathered at CIF’s Evanston office to Bike the Drive. Thirteen of CIF’s 22 riders piled into taxi vans and they, along with a bicycle-packed truck, headed for Buckingham Fountain where the team gathered to start their ride.

The weather was picture perfect for the team’s 11-mile ride up Lake Shore Drive. At the fountain, team members met up with Executive Director, Ann Sickon and her three children. Everyone enjoyed a banana, grabbed 

a bottle of water, and off they rode! Each rider had a partner, but the CIF Dream Team stuck pretty close together for most of the ride. Rest stops with healthy energy snacks, water stations and porta potties were located all along the route. The road was full of riders enjoying the opportunity to bike along Lakeshore Drive free of automobile traffic on this one special day! 

Although the Bryn Mawr L stop was the team’s agreed upon stopping point, 10 Dream Team members decided to continue on and ride all the way back to Evanston in one long line. Along the way, riders played word telephone; “Pot Hole” became the most popular word on the trek! This group’s fearless leader, Rob Larson, led them back through some hidden neighborhoods, beautiful parks, and past many points of interest. 

If you would like to become a 2015 Dream Team Rider, contact Niki Moe Horrell at nhorrell@independentfutures.com or call 847.328.2044.

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