Act Now to Protect Services and #ChooseRevenue

May 19, 2015

Calling all advocates!

The state of Illinois is currently facing a multi-billion dollar revenue gap. Governor Rauner’s proposed solution is a budget with $6 billion in cuts to services for our families and communities. We need your support to reach legislators now to advocate to protect essential services.

Throughout the month of May, the Responsible Budget Coalition will campaign to spread the word that we must “#ChooseRevenue” over cuts.

Here’s how you can join the fight for a responsible budget:

  1. Call your lawmaker toll free at 1-844-311-2887 and tell them to choose new revenue to prevent cuts to children, families, and communities.
  2. Send your lawmaker an email using this form.
  3. On Twitter, follow the Responsible Budget Coalition (@RespBudgetIL) and Tweet using the hashtags #chooserevenue, #nocuts, and #twill.

The Responsible Budget Coalition (RBC) is a group of over 200 organizations across Illinois that have come together to protect services for families and communities and fight for fair revenue for the future. “We know Illinois doesn’t have to make the deep cuts proposed in the Governor’s budget—we have a choice,” writes the RBC. “Instead of painful cuts to vital programs for our children, families, and communities, lawmakers and the Governor must choose revenue.”

The RBC includes organizations that serve families, veterans, seniors, and people with disabilities as well as education groups, civic organizations, and more. These organizations represent a diverse range of interests, but they’re united by the principles of smart investments, support for vital programs and service, and fairness in revenue and cuts. To learn more about the RBC, visit this website.

The budget needs to be adopted by May 31, so contact your legislators now to stand up for Illinois families and communities!

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