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April and Amy

A new home for new dreams.

April’s Story

April Hall and 10-year-old Amy are a typical mother-daughter pair, sharing moments of joy and working together through difficulties. Above all, April strives to provide her daughter with the opportunities she needs to be successful. One thing, however, sets their family apart—April is an individual with disabilities. Through Center for Independent Futures, she gets the support she needs to support her daughter.

Building a full life starts with a safe and comfortable home. When Amy grew frustrated with unresponsive landlords, Center for Independent Futures helped her achieve her dream of finding a new home, near a school that would provide the guidance and extra support Amy deserved.

“We need a comfortable home in a safe neighborhood with a good school where Amy can learn and make friends,” April says.

The prospect of apartment hunting, packing, and moving seemed overwhelming, so Center for Independent Futures staff worked with April to break the moving process down into manageable steps.

“We helped April determine where she’d like to live and coached her in searching online for apartments,” explains Community Life Coordinator Megan Madigan. “Then she visited several places with her tutors and eventually found one she liked in Evanston with a terrific school nearby.” 

When moving day arrived, Center for Independent Futures staff joined April and Amy to help them move into their new home. Then, April worked with us to get to know her new neighborhood, learning the new bus and train routes to important locations like Amy’s new school, the YMCA, and the grocery store.

Their new home has proved to be the perfect place for April and Amy to build rich and full lives. Today, Amy is in fourth grade, and April has a job as an in-home support worker for elderly individuals. She works with her tutors to continue to support her daughter, develop long-term budgeting skills, improve her nutrition and exercise routines, and plan for career advancement. With the support of Center for Independent Futures, Amy and April experience the joys and successes that all families deserve.  

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