CIF Joins On the Table Initiative

May 14, 2015

One day every year, individuals from across Chicagoland collectively sit down at tables throughout the region for conversations about ways to improve their communities. For a second year, Center for Independent Futures hosted a discussion as part of this growing initiative, called On the Table. Created by The Chicago Community Trust, On the Table 2015 sparked dialogue about philanthropy in celebration of the Trust’s centennial year.

Twenty attendees from CIF’s staff, Advisory Council, Auxiliary Board, and Board of Directors gathered at the CIF office for dinner and discussion on Tuesday evening. To start the conversation, attendees shared the most memorable acts of generosity they have witnessed or experienced--everything from a kidney donation to daily support from coworkers. Then, the small groups tackled philanthropy-related questions for a lively discussion about what philanthropy means and how to inspire more service in the community.

“What does philanthropy mean to you?”; “What are the needs of your community?”; and “How do we inspire more philanthropy?” were just a few of the questions passed around the tables. Attendees said they were motivated to improve their communities for many reasons, including creating a better world for future generations and combating negativity. Inspiration for philanthropy comes from everything from Chicago sports teams to friends who volunteer and the community of Evanston as a whole.

Thank you to all who participated in CIF’s On the Table event! We’re grateful for the insights of our community and look forward to hosting another incredible discussion next year. For more information about On the Table and to read stories about philanthropy from other organizations throughout Chicagoland, visit

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