CIF Welcomes Michigan Families

July 15,  2015

Last week, Center for Independent Futures welcomed four families from Grand Rapids, Michigan, for two days of learning and community-building. The families traveled to Evanston to participate in CIF’s New Futures InitiativeTM training, pursuing their goals of creating alternative housing options for their loved ones with disabilities.

On Tuesday, the families learned about CIF’s philosophies and approaches to community partnerships, then coalesced by mapping their assets and creating their decision-making processes. In the evening, the group gathered at the Chicago Avenue Community Living Option (CLO) residence, where they shared dinner with the community members and heard firsthand about their full lives.

The next day, the families visited the other two CLOs, where CIF Participants hosted tours of their homes. After seeing three different types of community housing alternatives in action, the families were able to clarify their own vision of the best possibilities for their loved ones. Back at the office, the group established their own criteria for housing, getting ready to take the next steps toward those possibilities.

Thank you to everyone involved in planning the training, the CIF community members who welcomed our visitors into their homes, and the families who participated. To learn more about CIF’s New Futures Initiative, contact us at (847) 328-2044.


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