Looking for family groups interested in alternative housing options

CIF is excited to announce a grant award from the Coleman Foundation to continue working with family groups and community partnerships to create housing for individuals with disabilities in the Chicagoland area.

The “Enhancing Capacity through Community Partnerships Project” has a goal of bringing family groups together with community partners to develop alternative housing. With CIF’s support, the group will come together, develop a vision, research the options, form a community partnership, and develop an implementation plan. CIF will offer four 4-hour training workshops and consultation through September 2015. Groups will meet and complete “homework” in between workshops towards their goal of developing housing. 

To determine if your group wants to apply for this project, please read Alternative Housing Options for Individuals with Disabilities: A Guide for Forming and Implementing Community Partnerships. If you are interested in applying to be part of the project, please see the application information and form (download here). 

Requirements for Groups:

  • Families want their loved ones with disabilities to move out within three years.
  • The group has an organizer who is willing to convene meetings and manage communications for the group.
  • The group has a minimum of four families (ideally 6-8 families) willing to commit to the project.
  • Each family contributes $200 and signs an agreement to be a part of the project.
  • Families live within the Chicagoland area.
  • Individuals have developmental disabilities.
  • Group members are able to commit to monthly group meetings plus four workshops over the course of the year.
  • Families commit to contribute expertise, networks, and/or resources to the project.

Applications are due by December 5, 2014, and three family groups will be selected by December 10, 2014.

Questions? Please contact Becca at bkaplan@independentfutures.com or 847-328-2044.

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