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We replace fears and doubts with dreams and plans

Our Full Life Process™ and available services emphasize experiences, choice, and responsibilities–the keys to a full life.
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Individual Support

When you’re trying to build a secure future for a loved one with disabilities, it can feel like you’re navigating through the uncertainty alone. But you don’t have to do it by yourself. At Center for Independent Futures, we’ve been where you are, and we’re ready to take the next steps by your side.  


We start by meeting with you and determining how our services can respond to your loved one’s unique challenges and dreams. Through our What’s Next? Consultation, we’ll guide you in developing a clearer picture of your legal, financial, and support needs. Together, we’ll create a plan for the future, calling on our network of reliable resources.

The Full Life Model™

Our approach is grounded in the pursuit of a full life. With hopes and dreams at its center, The Full Life Model™ is the lens through which we assess each individual. The eight essential aspects of a full life are integral to Center for Independent Futures’ person-centered Planning Process, Skills Inventory, and Skills Training.

Personal Support

Through our Full Life ProcessTM, we Listen, Look, and Learn on the way to realizing dreams. In our interactive, person-centered Planning Process, we listen to the individual’s hopes and dreams, identify specific goals, and develop action plans to work toward their achievement. Then, we use our Skills Inventory to look at the individual’s abilities, experiences, and skills. This interactive and integrated evaluation produces a road map of the skills, experiences, and supports that the individual will need along the way to a full, independent life.

At Center for Independent Futures, we learn every day. Our Skills Training offers support in learning, building, and maintaining the abilities that are critical for independent living—from social skills to budgeting to healthy habits, and everything in between. Our trained life skills tutors draw from our proven Skills Training curriculum, customized to each individual’s learning style and needs to support all of the areas of the Full Life Model.



Individuals can receive tutoring and other supports in their own homes in northern Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, or they can join one of Center for Independent Futures’ Community Living Options (CLO) Residences. Located in Evanston neighborhoods near public transportation and local businesses, the CLO Residences are structured on a philosophy of support.

We are committed to creating a future in which individuals with disabilities have access to all of the opportunities of a full life, and your loved one should be no exception. 


If you’re interested in learning how Center for Independent Futures can create solutions for your family that are person-centered and goal-focused, please call us at (847) 328-2044.

What's Next? Consultation »

When your loved one has special needs, the future can seem daunting and unsure. Sometimes it's hard to decide what steps to take next.

Full Life Process™ »

At the core of the Full Life Process are the Three L’s—Listen, Look and Learn. Our approach is person-centered and educational.

Community Living Options™ »

Although the word “home” means something different to every individual, there are certain aspects that are universal.

Activities »

Center for Independent Futures’ activities offer opportunities to gather with friends, make connections, and explore new interests.