Law Makes Employment a Priority

January 13, 2015

Center for Independent Futures resource partner Micki Moran, founding partner of The Child & Family Law Center of the North Shore, highlighted the Employment First Act in a recent newsletter. This law was signed by then-Illinois Governor Pat Quinn in 2013 to require state agencies to make employment for people with disabilities a priority.

"Every person in the Land of Lincoln should have the opportunity--regardless of the challenges they face--to pursue their dreams and achieve their full potential," Governor Quinn said. The law makes employment in the community the first option for individuals with disabilities receiving publicly funded services in Illinois.

"The Employment First Act is modeled on a national movement that believes employment in the general workforce is the first and preferred option when exploring goals and a life path for people with disabilities," Micki writes. "Competitive work in integrated settings for people with disabilities is proven to foster self-sufficiency, independent living, higher self-esteem, and better integration into the community at-large."

The Employment First Act has been in effect for a year and a half and is still an important component in building community solutions. To read more about the law, view the entire newsletter here. To learn more about The Child and Family Law Center, visit

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