Sharing Holiday Traditions

December 19, 2014

The holiday season is full of traditions, and each individual has his or her own ways to celebrate. When we come together to share those unique traditions, we build new memories and strengthen connections, enriching the lives of all community members.

A recent gathering at CIF’s Harrison Street Community Living Option Residence demonstrated just that, when one resident’s family hosted an impromptu Hanukkah celebration. Community member Avi Lesser, along with his parents and sister, welcomed the entire building into his apartment to commemorate the start of the holiday. They sang songs, shared knowledge, lit the Menorah, enjoyed treats, and played dreidel. “It was a blast!” said Community Builder Aby Karottu.

Thanks to Avi’s family for hosting an occasion of laughter and learning and to all families who help strengthen the CIF community--during the holiday season and all year round!


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