Have You Reached Your Social Capital Goals?

May 17, 2016

In October of last year, Center for Independent Futures hosted our first symposium, a conference about building capacity through strengthening communities. Now that the event is six months past, it’s time to check the progress made based on the goals and insights of our attendees.

To create these ideas, professionals, individuals, and family members collaborated after hearing a keynote address from Al Condeluci on social capital, or the importance of relationships. From the day’s breakout sessions came countless ideas about ways to make the connections that make our communities stronger.

Below is a sample of those ideas. What have you done since October to work toward these goals to build social capital for individuals with disabilities, others, and yourself?

  • Invite neighbors to a neighborhood fiesta.
  • Help my son discover his likes and dislikes so that he can join groups with similar interests.
  • Encourage our son to volunteer in the community.
  • Continue conversations with my daughter and her friends about accepting others’ differences.
  • Build relationships with policy makers in my community. Run for public office.
  • Make a plan to encourage actresses, actors, and other cultural influencers to share about their family members with disabilities.
  • Inspire community members into the gatekeeper role to support individuals with disabilities to make connections and engage in the community.
  • Read Al Condeluci's books and bring his message to my family, friends, and other networks. 
  • Challenge myself and family members to a better understanding of our responsibility to be inclusive.

Altogether, the attendees at the symposium created 141 ideas of ways to build social capital. To read the complete list, click here. The group also gathered a 116 ideas of things they already do, which you can read here.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the symposium for sharing these ideas! Stay tuned for more insights from the event in a future post.

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