Team CIF Crosses the Finish Line

October 19, 2015

On Sunday, Team CIF hit the streets of Chicago at sunrise to run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon for the hopes and dreams of individuals with disabilities.

The race represented months of training and fundraising as the runners prepared to cover 26.2 miles and raised funds and awareness for Center for Independent Futures. The hard work paid off when all of Team CIF’s runners ran personal bests. Four runners were running their debut marathons, and two returning runners improved their previous performances.

Team CIF ran in honor and memory of two team members who could not be in Chicago on Sunday. Team member Robert Donnelly passed away on September 19. Our runners and supporters had Bob and Lucille Conti, Bob’s wife and also a member of Team CIF, in their hearts on race day. We are so grateful for Bob and Lucille’s dedication to the team and to all those who donated to Center for Independent Futures in tribute to them.

Together, our runners have raised over $10,000, and they’ll continue fundraising until the end of the month. To celebrate the team’s success, visit the Crowdrise page here and click on the red button on the right that says “Donate to this fundraiser.” You can donate to individual runners by clicking on a name or picture and then clicking on the red donate button on the runner’s page. Thank you to our supporters for making our runners’ and our community members’ dreams come true!

Team CIF will be back at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 9, 2016. If you or anyone you know would like to run for possibilities, contact team coordinator Elizabeth Male at (847) 328-2044 to guarantee your entry into this incredible event!

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