Al Condeluci: What You Can Do To Build Community

September 1,  2015

Social isolation is one of the biggest issues facing the individuals with disability. Al Condeluci, Ph.D., is a national leader on community-building and the importance of social capital, or relationships that improve one’s quality of life. Although social capital might seem like a daunting concept, a recent blog post by Al offers advice on ways we can build community.

“There are things that we, everyday citizens, can do to address social isolation,” writes Al.

Here are a few tips he offers on his blog:

  • Reach out to new people, especially those who are at risk
  • Introduce yourself and engage in conversation, look for the similarities you share
  • Introduce these same people to other friends you have, and promote them in your circles
  • Smile more and establish eye contact with people
  • Be more aware of how important your own social capital is to your well-being

“Every effort we make to address social isolation, and to help others build social capital, is an investment in a better world for all of us,” Al shares. To read more about what you can do to build community, read the full post on Al’s blog here. On Al’s website,, you can find more great blog posts, videos, and other resources.

Al will be visiting Center for Independent Futures next month to serve as the keynote speaker at our symposium, “Enhancing Capacity Through Community Partnerships.” Held on October 16 at the campus of National Louis University in Skokie, the symposium will provide opportunities to learn about community inclusion and organizing and hear firsthand from families working to create community-based alternative housing options. To learn more about the symposium and to register, visit the event page here or contact us at (847) 328-2044.

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