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Our experience can eliminate your uncertainties

Center for Independent Futures’ What’s Next? Consultation helps families see the possibilities—and build plans to make them reality.

What's Next? Consultation

When your loved one has special needs, the future can seem daunting and unsure. At Center for Independent Futures, we believe that the difference between fear and hope is a plan—a plan for the support an individual will need to lead a full and independent life. In our What’s Next? Consultation, we’ll meet with you to determine how our services can respond to your loved one’s unique challenges and dreams. Together, we’ll develop a clearer picture of your legal, financial, and support needs, calling on our network of reliable resources.

To learn more about how you can plan with Center for Independent Futures, call us at (847) 328-2044.

Public Benefits Consultation

Each What’s Next? Consultation at Center for Independent Futures includes a free Public Benefits Consultation with public entitlement expert Sherri Schneider, founder of Family Benefit Solutions. This consultation will make sure you’re receiving the benefits you and your family deserve, focusing on the state and federal funds available for support needs, housing, vocational attainment, and healthcare. You’ll learn what benefits you’re eligible for, how to apply for them, and how to maintain them—all essential for securing your loved one’s future.

Full Life Process™ »

At the core of the Full Life Process are the Three L’s—Listen, Look and Learn. Our approach is person-centered and educational.

Community Living Options™ »

Although the word “home” means something different to every individual, there are certain aspects that are universal.

Activities »

Center for Independent Futures’ activities offer opportunities to gather with friends, make connections, and explore new interests.