What's Your New Year's Resolution?

January 11, 2017

Happy New Year! During this season of setting goals, Center for Independent Futures Resource Partner Oak Wealth Advisors, LLC, shares a list of suggested New Year’s Resolutions for the parents and relatives of children with disabilities. Take a look at our favorites below, and read the full list at this link.

  1. I will celebrate as many small achievements throughout the year as I can observe.
  2. I will schedule activities that get my entire family out into the community.
  3. I will contact at least one of my political representatives to share a personal story with them and let them know what services are critical for my family.
  4. I will get more comfortable with asking others for help.
  5. I will find two new sources of trusted information to assist me with my activities or my family with our special challenges.
  6. I will help other families by sharing stories, information, and recommendations with them.

To read the rest of the list and to see other resources from Oak Wealth Advisors, click here. Oak Wealth Advisors was founded to provide families with members with disabilities experienced financial advice and investment management services. To learn more about the services Oak Wealth provides, visit www.oakwealth.com.

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