Asset Mapping

Identifying and Mobilizing Resources

Asset Mapping is a process used to identify individual, group, and community assets that can be put to work on a project. Individual and Group Member assets are their gifts, talents, expertise, knowledge, and resources. Community assets are the Associations, Institutions, Local Economy, Individuals, and Physical Spaces that are present in the community. 

How to Begin Asset Mapping

Asset Mapping begins with bringing together people who have a shared passion or goal. The first step is to learn what each person can contribute toward reaching that goal. Next, the group identifies assets in the community that are needed to achieve their goal. Finally, they engage those community assets in the work.

These resources are based on John (Jody) Kretzmann and John McKnight’s groundbreaking research and 1993 publication Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community’s Assets. This work led to the development of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute. The Institute has made a global impact on community development and organizing through its emphasis on how communities use their assets to define who and what they are – and how they shape their future.

We hope this Asset Mapping Webinar provides the knowledge and tools you need to move your project forward. 

Special Thanks

Thanks to The Coleman Foundation and the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities for supporting the development of our Asset Mapping Webinar Series and Webinar Guide. This project would not be possible without the involvement of Dr. Paul Arntson, Professor Emeritus Northwestern University and an Asset-Based Community Development Institute Faculty Member. Since 2002, Paul’s contributions to the work of Center for Independent Futures’ have been immense.  We are so very appreciative.

Asset Mapping Video Playlist

6 Part Asset Mapping Webinar Series

Community Asset Mapping Guide

Click to download our Community Asset Mapping Guide in English and Spanish.

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