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We offer transition planning services that support students like Niero Dominguez to build full lives.

Transition Planning

Leaving high school can mean leaving supports

When students with disabilities graduate from high school, they enter a world of unknowns. While their peers are moving out, heading to college, or finding jobs, individuals with disabilities often find themselves left behind—unemployed, isolated, and unfulfilled.

In Illinois, nearly one third of individuals with disabilities are not competitively employed or attending any post-secondary programming a year after graduation. Across the country, that adds up to thousands of young adults without the resources or support they need to live independently and reach their potentials.

People deserve more

Individuals who identify their own hopes and dreams and gain experience setting goals can achieve outcomes that are much brighter. Students who participate in transition planning become engaged in creating their Individualized Education Plans, giving them opportunities to develop skills and build connections.

They create systems of support that will accompany them throughout the transition process and beyond. The result is graduates who lead fuller, more independent lives and contribute to their communities through involvement in education, training, or employment after high school.

Our process supports full lives

The Full Life ProcessTM focuses on person-centered planning and provides seamless tracking of student progress. In addition to aligning with Indicator 13 of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the Full Life Process establishes meaningful transition practices that result in positive outcomes—goals achieved, student supporters engaged, and dreams fulfilled.

Using our online process, students identify and build Personal Networks, tap into community resources, and set goals. Teachers access personalized skill inventories and customized tracking options, supporting their students as they develop full lives.

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