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We offer an exciting calendar of social, cultural, and educational activities.

Events & Activities

july 2018

thu19jul6:00 pmthu8:00 pmAnime Club

sat21jul3:00 pmsat5:30 pmSaturday Cinema

sun22jul12:00 pmsun2:00 pmBBQ Club

mon23jul4:00 pmmon5:00 pmYoga

mon23jul5:00 pmmon6:00 pmBook Club

mon23jul6:00 pmmon8:00 pmArt Club

tue24jul1:30 pmtue2:30 pmWalking Club

wed25jul3:30 pmwed5:30 pmHub 930 Drop-in Hours

wed25jul5:30 pmwed7:00 pmHighland Park Activities

wed25jul6:30 pmwed7:30 pmBike Club

thu26jul5:00 pmthu7:00 pmRestaurant Practice Night

fri27jul3:30 pmfri4:30 pmSocial Hour

fri27jul6:00 pmfri8:00 pmLadies' Night

sat28jul3:00 pmsat5:30 pmHeARTwords Workshop

sun29jul1:00 pmsun2:15 pmHalim Time and Glass Museum

mon30jul4:00 pmmon5:00 pmYoga

mon30jul5:00 pmmon6:00 pmBook Club

mon30jul6:00 pmmon8:00 pmArt Club

tue31jul1:30 pmtue2:30 pmWalking Club

august 2018

wed01aug3:30 pmwed5:30 pmHub 930 Drop-in Hours

wed01aug6:30 pmwed7:30 pmBike Club

sun05aug1:00 pmsun2:30 pmAfternoon at the Beach

mon06aug4:00 pmmon5:00 pmYoga

mon06aug5:00 pmmon6:00 pmBook Club

mon06aug6:00 pmmon8:00 pmArt Club

tue07aug1:30 pmtue2:30 pmWalking Club

wed08aug3:30 pmwed5:30 pmHub 930 Drop-in Hours

wed08aug6:30 pmwed7:30 pmBike Club

thu09aug5:00 pmthu7:00 pmRestaurant Practice Night

sat11aug3:00 pmsat5:30 pmHeARTwords Workshop

sun12aug11:00 amsun12:45 pmBowling

mon13aug4:00 pmmon5:00 pmYoga

mon13aug5:00 pmmon6:00 pmBook Club

tue14aug1:30 pmtue2:30 pmWalking Club

wed15aug4:00 pmwed5:15 pmVolunteer Club

wed15aug6:00 pmwed7:30 pmAdvocacy Awareness Club

wed15aug6:30 pmwed7:30 pmBike Club

thu16aug6:00 pmthu8:00 pmAnime Club

sat18aug3:00 pmsat5:30 pmSaturday Cinema

sun19aug12:00 pmsun2:00 pmBBQ Club

mon20aug4:00 pmmon5:00 pmYoga

mon20aug5:00 pmmon6:00 pmBook Club

mon20aug6:00 pmmon8:00 pmArt Club

tue21aug1:30 pmtue2:30 pmWalking Club

tue21aug7:00 pmtue8:30 pmBest of Saturday Night Live

wed22aug3:30 pmwed5:30 pmHub 930 Drop-in Hours

wed22aug5:30 pmwed7:00 pmHighland Park Activities

wed22aug6:30 pmwed7:30 pmBike Club

fri24aug3:30 pmfri4:30 pmSocial Hour

fri24aug6:00 pmfri8:00 pmLadies' Night

sat25aug3:00 pmsat5:30 pmHeARTwords Workshop

mon27aug4:00 pmmon5:00 pmYoga

mon27aug5:00 pmmon6:00 pmBook Club

tue28aug1:30 pmtue2:30 pmWalking Club

wed29aug3:30 pmwed5:30 pmHub 930 Drop-in Hours

wed29aug6:30 pmwed7:30 pmBike Club

september 2018

tue04sep1:30 pmtue2:30 pmWalking Club

wed05sep3:30 pmwed5:30 pmHub 930 Drop-in Hours

wed05sep6:30 pmwed7:30 pmBike Club

thu06sep5:00 pmthu7:00 pmRestaurant Practice Night

fri07sep3:30 pmfri4:30 pmSocial Hour

sat08sep3:00 pmsat5:30 pmSaturday Cinema

sun09sep11:00 amsun12:45 pmBowling

mon10sep4:00 pmmon5:00 pmYoga

mon10sep5:00 pmmon6:00 pmBook Club

tue11sepAll DaytueMuseum of Broadcast Communication

tue11sep1:30 pmtue2:30 pmWalking Club

wed12sep3:30 pmwed5:30 pmHub 930 Drop-in Hours

wed12sep6:30 pmwed7:30 pmBike Club

sat15sep3:00 pmsat5:30 pmHeARTwords Workshop

sun16sep12:00 pmsun2:00 pmBBQ Club

mon17sep4:00 pmmon5:00 pmYoga

mon17sep5:00 pmmon6:00 pmBook Club

tue18sep1:30 pmtue2:30 pmWalking Club

wed19sep4:00 pmwed5:15 pmVolunteer Club

wed19sep5:30 pmwed7:00 pmHighland Park Activities

wed19sep6:00 pmwed7:30 pmAdvocacy Awareness Club

thu20sep6:00 pmthu8:00 pmAnime Club

mon24sep4:00 pmmon5:00 pmYoga

mon24sep5:00 pmmon6:00 pmBook Club

tue25sep1:30 pmtue2:30 pmWalking Club

wed26sep3:30 pmwed5:30 pmHub 930 Drop-in Hours

fri28sep6:00 pmfri8:00 pmLadies' Night

sat29sep3:00 pmsat5:30 pmHeARTwords Workshop

october 2018

sun07octAll DaysunBank of America Chicago Marathon

sun07oct6:30 amsun1:00 pmCheer On Team CIF!

november 2018

sun04nov3:00 pmsun6:00 pmSomething's Cooking

december 2018

No Events

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