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Events & Activities

Welcome to the Independent Futures events calendar! Activities registration opens each quarter with a new calendar. To be added to the notification list, please email center@independentfutures.com. The winter activities registration period ended at 3:00 PM on Monday, January 4th. 

Before signing up for activities, new participants are required to meet with staff and complete an introduction process. This is necessary to guarantee that the best supports are available for each individual.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns and we look forward to hearing from you soon. If you would have any questions, please reach out to Jeff Morthorst at (224) 545-3925.


january 2021

sun24jan11:00 am12:00 pmBingo - Sundays

mon25jan1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

mon25jan2:15 pm2:45 pmDance Party with Suzy Crawford

mon25jan4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

mon25jan5:00 pm5:45 pmMeditation

mon25jan5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

tue26jan1:00 pm2:00 pmFun, Easy Drawing

tue26jan5:00 pm7:00 pmAnime Club

wed27jan1:00 pm2:00 pmBingo - Wednesdays

wed27jan4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

wed27jan5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

wed27jan6:30 pm8:00 pmArt Club

thu28jan1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

fri29jan5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

sun31jan11:00 am12:00 pmBingo - Sundays

february 2021

mon01feb1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

mon01feb2:15 pm2:45 pmDance Party with Suzy Crawford

mon01feb4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

mon01feb5:00 pm5:45 pmMeditation

mon01feb5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

tue02feb1:00 pm2:00 pmFun, Easy Drawing

wed03feb1:00 pm2:00 pmBingo - Wednesdays

wed03feb4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

wed03feb5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

wed03feb6:30 pm7:30 pmAdvocacy Awareness Club

wed03feb6:30 pm8:00 pmArt Club

thu04feb1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

fri05feb5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

sun07feb11:00 am12:00 pmBingo - Sundays

mon08feb1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

mon08feb2:15 pm2:45 pmDance Party with Suzy Crawford

mon08feb4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

mon08feb5:00 pm5:45 pmMeditation

mon08feb5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

tue09feb1:00 pm2:00 pmFun, Easy Drawing

tue09feb5:00 pm7:00 pmAnime Club

wed10feb1:00 pm2:00 pmBingo - Wednesdays

wed10feb4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

wed10feb5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

thu11feb1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

fri12feb5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

sat13feb3:00 pm5:30 pmHeARTwords Workshop

sun14feb11:00 am12:00 pmBingo - Sundays

mon15feb1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

mon15feb2:15 pm2:45 pmDance Party with Suzy Crawford

mon15feb4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

mon15feb5:00 pm5:45 pmMeditation

mon15feb5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

tue16feb1:00 pm2:00 pmFun, Easy Drawing

wed17feb1:00 pm2:00 pmBingo - Wednesdays

wed17feb4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

wed17feb5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

thu18feb1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

fri19feb5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

sat20feb1:00 pm3:30 pmSaturday Cinema

sun21feb11:00 am12:00 pmBingo - Sundays

sun21feb12:30 pm1:30 pmSports Talk Group

mon22feb1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

mon22feb2:15 pm2:45 pmDance Party with Suzy Crawford

mon22feb4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

mon22feb5:00 pm5:45 pmMeditation

mon22feb5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

tue23feb1:00 pm2:00 pmFun, Easy Drawing

tue23feb5:00 pm7:00 pmAnime Club

wed24feb1:00 pm2:00 pmBingo - Wednesdays

wed24feb4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

wed24feb5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

wed24feb6:30 pm8:00 pmArt Club

thu25feb1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

fri26feb5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

sat27feb3:00 pm5:30 pmHeARTwords Workshop

sat27feb6:30 pm8:00 pmVirtual Drag Queen Bingo!

sun28feb11:00 am12:00 pmBingo - Sundays

march 2021

mon01mar1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

mon01mar2:15 pm2:45 pmDance Party with Suzy Crawford

mon01mar4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

mon01mar5:00 pm5:45 pmMeditation

mon01mar5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

tue02mar1:00 pm2:00 pmFun, Easy Drawing

wed03mar1:00 pm2:00 pmBingo - Wednesdays

wed03mar4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

wed03mar5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

wed03mar6:30 pm7:30 pmAdvocacy Awareness Club

thu04mar1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

fri05mar5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

sat06mar1:00 pm3:30 pmSaturday Cinema

sun07mar11:00 am12:00 pmBingo - Sundays

mon08mar1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

mon08mar2:15 pm2:45 pmDance Party with Suzy Crawford

mon08mar4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

mon08mar5:00 pm5:45 pmMeditation

mon08mar5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

tue09mar1:00 pm2:00 pmFun, Easy Drawing

tue09mar5:00 pm7:00 pmAnime Club

wed10mar1:00 pm2:00 pmBingo - Wednesdays

wed10mar4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

wed10mar5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

wed10mar6:30 pm8:00 pmArt Club

thu11mar1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

fri12mar5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

sat13mar3:00 pm5:30 pmHeARTwords Workshop

sun14mar11:00 am12:00 pmBingo - Sundays

mon15mar1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

mon15mar2:15 pm2:45 pmDance Party with Suzy Crawford

mon15mar4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

mon15mar5:00 pm5:45 pmMeditation

mon15mar5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

tue16mar1:00 pm2:00 pmFun, Easy Drawing

wed17mar1:00 pm2:00 pmBingo - Wednesdays

wed17mar4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

wed17mar5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

thu18mar1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

fri19mar5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

sat20mar3:00 pm5:30 pmHeARTwords Workshop

sun21mar11:00 am12:00 pmBingo - Sundays

sun21mar12:30 pm1:30 pmSports Talk Group

mon22mar1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

mon22mar2:15 pm2:45 pmDance Party with Suzy Crawford

mon22mar4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

mon22mar5:00 pm5:45 pmMeditation

mon22mar5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

tue23mar1:00 pm2:00 pmFun, Easy Drawing

tue23mar5:00 pm7:00 pmAnime Club

wed24mar1:00 pm2:00 pmBingo - Wednesdays

wed24mar4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

wed24mar5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

wed24mar6:30 pm8:00 pmArt Club

thu25mar1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

fri26mar5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

sun28mar11:00 am12:00 pmBingo - Sundays

mon29mar1:00 pm2:00 pmSocial Hour

mon29mar2:15 pm2:45 pmDance Party with Suzy Crawford

mon29mar4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

mon29mar5:00 pm5:45 pmMeditation

mon29mar5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

wed31mar1:00 pm2:00 pmBingo - Wednesdays

wed31mar4:00 pm5:00 pmYoga

wed31mar5:00 pm6:00 pmBook Club

april 2021

No Events

Photo Consent Policy:

Photos and videos taken at public Center for Independent Futures events may be published in print or online for download, online photo albums, newsletters, and/or social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Such events include paid ticketed events like SPARK and Something’s Cooking, free at-large community events (such as disseminating information or a free film screening), or events sponsored by our Young Professionals Board. This does not include participant activities such as art club, bike club, etc. Participants in these activities have the option to give and remove consent for future photos at any time. However, attendance at the aforementioned public events are not included in the photo release form.


By paying for admission to public events and/or attending a free public event, you consent to having your photo taken and potentially published through the above-mentioned mediums unless you expressly and contemporaneously request that your photo not be taken by the photographer.

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