Charting a path to a full life

My Full Life™ is a comprehensive learning platform that supports
person-centered planning for people with intellectual and
developmental disabilities.

My Full Life

A person-centered approach is the cornerstone of a full life.

Since our founding in 2002, Independent Futures has used person-centered planning to support our participants’ hopes & dreams. In 2010, we began developing My Full Life.

My Full Life is a comprehensive online learning management system designed to support life skills development with adults with disabilities. With more than 400 hours of learning curriculum, instructors work with learners to develop the life skills they need to be successful. 

Develop Person-Centered Plans

We designed our online Skills Inventory to help learners create a thorough plan for now and for their futures. Each plan is highly individualized and informed by the individual’s hopes and dreams. Plans created with the help of My Full Life can include goals and learning about employment options, post-secondary goals, independent living, and more. 

By using goals and lessons, My Full Life users create action plans. Lessons are about diverse topics like practicing self-advocacy, traveling the town, and building personal networks. By considering an individual’s existing interests and areas of focus, individuals and their support networks can concentrate on developing crucial life skills.

Dive Deep With Our Life Skills Curriculum

Our My Full Life consulting team consists of educators and former education administrators. The team writes lessons and finds resources to supplement an individual’s long-term success in employment. Over the years, our team has drafted over 150 lessons culminating in over 400 hours of life skills curriculum.

Working with the Skills Inventory, individuals and their support team can gain insight to an individual’s current skill achievement in many areas. With My Full Life, the curriculum is adaptable to meet learners where they are. 

Measure Learners’ Progress Easily

The My Full Life platform features easy-to-use tools that help individuals achieve skill development while supporting agency professionals in measuring success. The platform’s built-in progress reports help agencies support continued growth of life skills for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. 

My Full Life’s online, centralized data can also minimize slowed growth caused by staff turnover. The progress reports and data visualizations never leave the platform, so your next hire will be better informed about an individual’s  focus areas and accomplishments from day one.  


Making sure that individuals with disabilities can achieve their hopes and dreams is important. My Full Life’s Skills Inventory and curriculum are fully online to support in-person and remote learning options. We are constantly developing new lessons, resources, and features to help agency professionals and educators as you support your learners.

My Full Life™


With hopes and dreams at its center, The Full Life Model™ is the prism through which we view each individual. The eight essential aspects of a full life are integral to our person-centered Planning Process, Skills Inventory, and Skills Training.

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