The New Futures Initiative helps you create successful community living options for individuals with disabilities in your own community.

New Futures Initiative Training

With the New Futures Initiative, Center for Independent Futures developed a step-by-step process that gives families the ability to open doors to supported living options in their own neighborhoods.

This proprietary method was informed by our firsthand experiences and in collaboration with leaders in the field of community development. The New Futures Initiative takes participants through a series of workshops designed to teach our process. Together, they provide the tools, materials, and professional resources needed to move forward. And the process is proven. Evidence of its success can be seen in our four Community Living Option residences in Evanston, Ill.

At a time when government housing is at capacity and funding is not increasing, the New Futures Initiative is a road map to guide families on their paths toward the housing solutions their loved ones need and deserve—ones that make financial sense and build the personal networks that will help them live more independently for years to come.

Fill in the information below to learn more about creating housing solutions in your community!

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The Path to Community Living Options™

The Path to Creating Living Options in your own Community

Step 1: Beginning the Journey

  • Overview of the New Futures Initiative™ process
  • Firsthand look at a successful Community Living Option™
  • Building your community (Click for more information about forming a family group.)
  • Creating a shared vision
  • Establishing an organizational structure and group processes
  • Assessing personal and community assets

Step 2: Taking Action

  • Determining housing criteria and ownership model
  • Developing a housing team
  • Reviewing public and private resources
  • Creating a housing budget
  • Researching the options
  • Drafting a housing plan

Step 3: Moving Ahead

  • Identifying support criteria
  • Determining support structure
  • Identifying and assessing potential residents
  • Creating partnerships and developing partnership agreements
  • Finalizing a support plan

Step 4: Opening Your Doors

  • Preparing families and residents for transition
  • Developing personal networks
  • Meeting the neighbors and participating in community activities
  • Making the residence a home and planning for move-in day
  • Handling the day-to-day and preparing for the road ahead

Volunteer your time and talent

Regardless of your expertise or experience, giving of yourself can change lives for the better and create new possibilities for those with disabilities.

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